Friday, April 05, 2013

Post-Quilt Activities

I have been taking it easy on the blog lately, but I'm making up for it by living my life in the real world.  Now that I'm not buried under yards upon yards of fabric with the king-sized quilt project, I have been able to breathe!  The Man and I are working on a long-term project together (not crafting or kids, just a project), and we're looking at options for redoing our entire backyard this summer.  I took on a small sewing project for my mom--and she got out of repaying me for the work by breaking her arm two weeks ago.  When I haven't been doing the same ol' things like cooking, cleaning, or working, I've spent my free time the following ways:

Watching!  I love watching TV and movies, and after inhaling every Doc Martin episode on Netflix in one week last month, I discovered United States of Tara two days ago.  Beautifully written, wonderfully cast, and all-around delightful to watch.  Not as cute as Doc, but it holds my attention just the same.  I highly recommend both series.

Reading!  I read Craig Ferguson's autobiography, American on Purpose: The Improbable Adventures of an Unlikely Patriot.  Ferguson, known best as the host of The Late Late Show, came to the United States from Scotland.  His life story is both astounding and triumphant, and his patriotism is refreshing.  Seeing how he first experienced the U.S. and how he came to earn his citizenship was nice for me, a native.  I don't often step back and see what this country is or how others might view it, and Craig's unique take on life here really made me think.

Playing!  The Man and I are still sporting the odd Band-Aid from our now eight-month-old kittens.  Annie launched herself out of my arms, up over my shoulder, and down my back last night in response to The Man's protein shaker bottle rattling.  We got them an Easter present, a small furry lamb, and Eddie has kept the lamb all to himself.  Annie, the mighty hunter, prefers jumping games and climbing as high as possible.  She really likes it when my father comes to visit as he makes her work hard for the toys.

Shopping!  We made a pilgrimage to the outlet stores recently, and miraculously we both left with new clothes!  Usually only one of us will find clothing, but this time was awesome.  I got three shirts and two spring jackets.  The Man got two dress shirts and two pairs of pants.  The sales were very good, too.

All of this gets piled onto my regular life.  People keep asking me what my next quilt project will be, but I don't think I'll have one picked out for quite a while.  I am having so much fun being free of crafts for the moment.

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