Thursday, April 18, 2013

Worst Cold Ever

I've had my share of colds, but the one that I got last weekend set a new standard for awful colds.  Seriously, I don't think I've ever had one that bad.  Evil, terrible, nasty bug!

Last week, The Man was sick.  He had a cold, but he seemed to be coping pretty well.  He took a day and a half off from work, nothing major.  He was good as new a few days later.  Our housemate got the cold about a day or so ahead of me, and he was much sicker than The Man.  Lots of sinus pain, some coughing, and more body aches.  Apparently it was a downhill trend because by the time I got the bug on Saturday, it had morphed into The Cold from Hell.

After a brief "oh, maybe it isn't allergies" series of hours on Saturday, I awoke Sunday morning to witness both of my hands morph into Kleenex boxes.  I was so congested that even blowing my nose until I saw stars did nothing to combat the pressure, pain, and snot packed into my sinuses.  I slept all day on Sunday.

Monday, feeling no better, I stayed home from work.  Same story.  Miserable.  I moved from my bed to the couch at one point, but that was just uncomfortable and difficult to rest (though our kittens did try to make me feel lots better with cuddles).  My nose was completely raw by Monday night, and I hadn't been able to breathe through either nostril at all until my shower that night.

On Tuesday, I woke up feeling pretty good aside from the blocked sinuses, the raw nose, and a lingering low-grade fever.  I decided to go to work.  After putting out many fires and stoking a few more, I called it a day at lunch and went home.  The snot hanging down the back of my throat kept causing me to gag--and then to hurl--so I was more miserable than ever.  It was a very long evening and night trying to rest and keep food down (though I never was queasy like with the flu).

Wednesday was just like Monday: at home, packed sinuses, unable to sleep or rest well.  Awful!  But it was on this day that I discovered VapoRub.  Works great to keep sinuses clear once the big chunks are not blocking things up anymore!

It is now Thursday, and I actually had air enter and exit my body through my nose today.  I have eaten real food and drank my thousandth cup of tea for the week.  I don't sound like I have the plague much now, although I am a little stuffed up still.  The Man had a bit of a cough after his cold, but I haven't had too much indication that this will settle in my chest.  That would be cruel.  Here's to hoping it's all behind me.  I have too much going on this weekend to deal with a stupid cough!

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Anonymous said...

I have just been on a goodle search to find out if my current cold is something that is a new bug. I started out last Tuesday with a constant post nasal drip, that developed into a throbbing headache, sractchy throat, that went straight to my chest. The congestion has been borderline pneumonia. I have been in bed for the past three days, and have a low greade fever too. It's been absolutely awful. I have never had a springtime cold with a cough so bad I couldn't breath without pain before. I had a box of Cephelexin antibiotics I bought last fall, and started taking 500mgs three times a day last Friday, and am drinking hot lemon and honey like crazy. I'm also taking Mucinex, and ibuprophen which seems to help. But for the record, I am on my third box of kleenex in just three days. Lord have Mercy!!! I hope I can kick this out soon as my daughter has her graduation ceromony next weekend. I hope you feel better soon.