Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Can someone else learn to clean this up?

The Man and I took Friday off last weekend to enjoy some quiet time at our house together since my brother-in-law flew down to be with my sister for a few days.  We got a ton of stuff done, visited with family, and took care of sick cats.  On the whole, it was a pretty good weekend.

We had another meeting with our financial adviser, and she really built up our spirits with some kind remarks.  We both get frustrated seeing The Joneses live lavish lives as we stick a few more pennies in our piggy banks.  It is hard to save, hard to plan for the future, and hard to not be able to do, see, buy!  But we're chugging along doing this the hard way.  It was nice to have someone else tell us we're doing well, because sometimes it is hard to step back and see that for ourselves.  Noses to the grindstone.

I was able to do some cooking and have The Man's parents down for dinner one night.  My parents later joined us for dessert.  Lots of good conversation and food.  Also got our first watermelon of the year, and it is delicious.  We'll be eating on it for the rest of the week.

On Sunday morning, The Man went out for a run with one of his friends.  He came home with a huge scrape on his shin.  Between the last mud race he ran and this weekend, we've used more Neosporin than in the last two years combined!  I patched him up once again, reminding him how lucky he is to have a wife that isn't grossed out at the sight of blood.

Saturday morning's surprise was opening the door to the cats' bathroom (they sleep and spend the work days in a half-bath, but they roam the downstairs when we are home with them).  One of the cats, possibly both, got sick overnight.  Green and yellow and brown goo everywhere.  Major grossness.  They were still eating and drinking, so we kept an eye on them.  Just a little bit of icky gross floor goo on Sunday morning.  On Monday, nothing!  Yay, on the mend!  And then... Monday night... oh. my. word.  Somebody is still very, very, very sick.  I cleaned projectile vomit off the walls, the floor, the cabinet containing their litter box, and all around their food bowls.  We took them to the emergency vet near our house, and thankfully the vet was super cool.  He gave them fluids and anti-vomit meds, and they haven't hurled since we got them home.  We have scoured the house looking for reasons why they might be sick, but we have no idea!  Perhaps one of them ate a bug.  Less likely, maybe they nibbled on one of my plants.  No chemicals they could get to, no pesticides, no garden stuff, no oil or car drippings, no craft supplies, nothing.  Here's to hoping our kitties are good from here on out, because I am not fond of cleaning up vomit at this point!

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Jules said...

Live like no one else now, so later you can live, like no one else. :) I hear you on the $$ thing. Keep going!!