Thursday, June 20, 2013

Alone, Finally

For the first time in eight months, my husband and I aren't expecting someone else for dinner.  It feels so weird, so incredibly empty in our house now, and yet... we're pretty okay with it.

My sister and her husband moved in with us in October, just two months after we bought our house.  We offered to let them have our two extra bedrooms so that he wouldn't have to live alone when she joined the Air Force.  My sister's husband and The Man get along well, and I was fine with the situation, so it worked out.  My sister flew off to the Wild Blue Yonder just after Thanksgiving, and we patiently awaited her return. Seven months later, she finally stopped home en route to her first overseas duty station.  After almost a month at home, she and her hubby moved the last of their belongings out of our house.  She's now overseas.

I love the fact that my chores are now my own, for me, for us, for the house, and not for other people.  I can totally get used to four small loads of laundry each week instead of eight to ten.  And the dishwasher only needs to be run bi-weekly instead of daily.  Certainly those parts of my life are easier when I only live with The Man.

On the other hand, I will miss cooking for someone who appreciates a good kielbasa, a hearty bowl of curly noodles, or spicy food.  I like cooking for The Man, don't get me wrong, but his idea of a flavor adventure involves putting cheese on typically cheese-incompatible foods (cheese and maple syrup, I think not, but apparently I'm wrong).  I will miss having someone around to feed our cats when we are out "late" or to get the mail when we're feeling lazy.  I already miss having a built-in playdate for The Man when he wants to shoot digital zombies or whatever it is the boys play on those video games.

For as challenging as it was having other people live with us, and for as treasured as many of those memories will be, The Man and I are content to be alone, finally.

(And no, we do not have extra space for anyone else to move in now.  Just for the record.)


cm0978 said...

I can lend you The Man's dad if you ever want another playmate for him. ;)

cm0978 said...
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Anonymous said...

I know what you mean about enjoying the aloneness together. Glad you had the chance to help your sister and now time to enjoy your new home alone.