Friday, June 28, 2013

Can't Stand the Heat

The Man and I bought a window-mounted air conditioner when we lived in our first apartment, and it worked beautifully there and in our second apartment.  When we bought a house, however, not only is our unit not large enough for more than the master bedroom, but our HOA doesn't allow window units (though we've seen a few here and there, and nobody complained that we know of).  When The Man got a bonus at work, we immediately knew what we were going to get.

Fast-forward three months: it's hot outside, and we're still hot inside.  We called and got bids.  We weighed our options.  We consulted friends and family for advice.  And next week, just at the high point of the first summer heat wave, we'll be living the cool life.  For less money than we estimated (yay!) and with a company we're excited to have do the work (yay!), we're getting central air conditioning.

It's not so much that's it's hot in our house.  It's not even really that I dislike sweaty feet all summer (eew).  The biggest reason I'm excited to get air conditioning?  Now I can sleep under blankets all year.

I can't stand the heat, but I do so love blankets and quilts keeping me warm.

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