Tuesday, August 06, 2013

We have Minecraft

The Man and I are both now holders of Minecraft accounts.  We pretty much haven't done a thing since we got them.  No real crafting, no movies, no chores... it's kind of an unhealthy disaster in our house right now (which is basically saying our house has finally degraded to "normal people live like this" status, as opposed to the usual immaculately spotless modus operandi).

Minecraft, for those of you that aren't super geeks, is a game.  It isn't a social networking game, a board game, a series of levels to conquer, or anything like a simulation.  It's just a computer game.  The Man and I can play individually or together on our network.  The whole point of the game is to survive by making things out of the world around you while being attacked--or not in some modes of gameplay--by various villains.  The player mines the earth and crafts things out of the mined objects.  For example, mined iron ore can be turned into iron and attached to a stick to make tools that help the player mine other things.  A lot of the game occurs underground in, well, mines.  In addition to creepycrawlies, there is water that flows and can flood and drown a player.  Lava burns things or players.  Fire.  Hunger.  Sleep.  There are many variables to manage.  For a game that costs less than $30 to play (one time fee!), a person could literally play the game forever and never get bored.

One more block.  One more block.  That's what I say to myself at 1:00am as I mine my way through trying to find one more block of redstone or diamond or gold.  One more block.  Then I'll stop this madness.

Now I understand why Minecraft is one of the bestselling games of. all. time.

But if The Man bricks me in or floods my tunnel or extinguishes my torches one more time, the dude is going into lava.

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