Friday, November 22, 2013

I'm not crazy, my mother had me tested: Part 10

There are so many ways that I relate to the Sheldon character in The Big Bang Theory that I cannot possibly enumerate them all. Sheldon has his favorite spot on the couch, and I have my favorite spot at the dining table. Woe to the person that sits in my spot. It is both conveniently located such that I am able to easily get up from the table to stir a pot or retrieve seconds. It is on the right of two chairs so that I don’t invade another’s space while eating with my right hand. My spot is both near enough to the kitchen to be convenient and within eyeline of the TV in the living room and my computer screen in the office. It is not too near any heat registers, yet I can feel the very soft breeze of the air circulating through the house. Yeah. I have a spot.

While Sheldon doesn’t drive and I find the chore necessary at times, my husband does drive me to work every day. It’s more about convenience and saving gas money for us, but it is a sneaky connection. Also, I am pretty sure I had some of those same exact thoughts as I took my driver's test (which I aced, by the way--the driving portion was a different matter).

Sheldon has the Roommate Agreement with Leonard that stipulates every action the two can share while living together. I guarantee that if I could do this with my husband and be taken seriously, I would draft an agreement in a heartbeat. The idea that rules are written and can be relied upon satisfies my need for right and wrong, the need for justice.

Despite his obvious flaws, the Sheldon character can be described as loyal, honest, trustworthy, dedicated, intelligent, and many other positive qualities. However, these qualities are always so strong that they themselves are almost flaws as well. Sheldon is loyal to a fault, not knowing that he sometimes needs to let go. He’s so honest that he doesn’t realize how the truth can hurt. He is dedicated to the point of not eating or relieving himself. He’s so brainy that he fails to live in the real world, doesn’t understand common social cues, and can’t figure out why everyone else seems to lack what he considers common sense. Now I don’t have Sheldon’s Ph.D. astrophysicist brain, and I’m not as dense on the whole, but someone could pretty quickly make the leap to, “oh my gosh, you’re a female version of Sheldon!” and they’d be accurate.

I’m not crazy, my mother had me tested.

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