Monday, December 16, 2013

Vaccum No. 3

The Man and I take pride in keeping our home looking nice.  We don't have many decorations to distract the eyes from dust and dirt, so we have to keep up on the cleaning.  Thankfully we're both (usually) keen to clean.  We both take part, and while we can each do all of the chores, there is a mostly understood division of tasks.  The Man's big task has always been vacuuming.  He's superb at vacuuming.  Our carpets look like baseball fields, all criss-crossed and manicured for the big game.
When we got married, we each had vacuums.  Mine was newer and nicer than his, so we kept mine.  It did a good job on the carpet, but it was terrible on hard floors.  We waited about a year and used the last of our wedding money to get a newer vacuum.  It worked pretty well on hard floors and was great for upholstery, but it left much to be desired on carpet.  With two indoor cats, a few broken parts over time, and mounting frustration, we embarked on the journey to find the Best Vacuum Ever.  We decided it wasn't about money for once: we just needed something that worked.

I scoured the internet to find reviews of popular brands.  I compared sizes, models, attachments, features, and horsepower until my head just about rolled off.  We talked to people we knew and saw what they used.  And then we went to a local vacuum store and got a professional opinion.  The local shop owner didn't start out by taking us to the expensive section of his store.  He started with questions.  He wanted to know what we needed, not what we wanted.  He asked about what we had been using, what we liked and didn't like, and asked all about our house and living style.  He had some recommendations, and we got a few prices for some vacuums, and then I went home to do more shopping, comparing, and researching.

We finally settled on the Carpet Pro CPU2t.  The vacuum is not attractive or flashy, has bags and doesn't come with many attachments.  What it lacks in bells in whistles it more than makes up for in real functionality.  The cord is a mile long and super thick.  The all-metal parts are solidly constructed.  The brush roll actually gets into the carpet and lifts hair and dirt out.  And, with all of the suction and moving parts, the vacuum is surprisingly quiet.  I just have to raise my voice a little to have a conversation with The Man--a far cry from the shouting we used to do to communicate while vacuuming.

Does it work well?  After our first vacuum job in the living room where the cats spend much of their time, I layed down a foot of super-strong packing tape and stepped on it a few times to mash it into the middle of carpet.  I pulled the tape up, held it to the light, and examined it for debris.  Nothing.  Not a human hair, not a cat hair, not a piece of grit or dirt or lint.  We were very impressed.

For a total of $300, including the vacuum and some add-on attachments, plus one smaller hand-vac for the stairs with a motorized brush roll, we definitely have some of the cleanest carpets I've encountered.  We looooove the new vacuum and have promised to be good about changing the belts and bags.  And we're super glad the vacuum didn't break the bank either!

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Anonymous said...

Have been thinking of a new vacuum cleaner. Hmmm. Will have to check it out since we have a dog who doesn't shed, but still tracks in dirt.