Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Cat Training, or Human Training, Depending on Perspectives

Annie, pictured here, has learned new tricks!  She and her brother Eddie have been responding to "come" for about a year now, and Eddie has sort of learned "sit."  They both know the command to let go of a toy, "softpaws."  Annie has one-upped her brother with a firm grasp of "touch" where she touches her nose on the end of a stick.  She's slowly learning to chatter or meow on command.

When she's in the mood, Annie also plays a pretty fun game of fetch.  Mostly it is her training me to throw objects for her, but sometimes she'll retrieve them.  She has also trained us to open the blinds at her favorite window by pawing at them until we get mad.  She's quite the neighborhood watch kitty lately and likes to know exactly who is walking down the street.

Eddie trained us to give him ice cubes to bat around the kitchen floor.  He finds us somewhere in the house, meows loudly once, prances off toward the kitchen, and if we follow him, sits directly in front of the ice dispenser and meows again.  "Ice, give me ice!"  One cube a night, and he'll bite it and carry it around the house, so proud of his little frozen chunk.  I have no idea what happened over the course of cat evolution to cause him to love ice cubes, but they're cheap, and he seems happy.  Whatever.

It is never a dull moment with these two!

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