Monday, March 24, 2014

In Which We Get Massages

Last weekend, The Man and I got massages.

We managed to find a place close to where we live that offered weekend appointments at a very competitive $60/hour (standard rate in our area).  Massages are a complete luxury that we've never considered before, but it seemed like a nice idea, and it was about the same price as shopping at the coast for a day.

We went to our appointment, filled out a quick information form, and chatted with the proprietor before being shown to the couples massage room.  The massage therapist showed us what to do and then left so we could disrobe to our underwear.  We applied our sore bodies to the massage tables face down, covered ourselves with the flannel blankets, and waited for the massage therapists to reenter.  The room was warmer than a normal room, smelled softly of something supposedly "soothing," and was lit with natural light.  A CD player was playing quietly in a corner, a sort of calming elevator music that was not unpleasant.

The Man's massage and mine were not performed in the same order.  My therapist started with my legs.  His therapist started with his back.  I got flipped over about ten minutes before he did, so my back didn't get much massaging.  While being massaged, I learned that I have a ticklish spine, cannot relax my shoulder blades, and don't like my feet being touched. The best part was when the massage therapist worked on my forearms and hands.  The most difficult and painful part was my upper legs and the hot towel on my face at the end (ouch!).  Next time, I'll know better to ask for more work on my back and less on my legs.  The Man really liked his hand massage too.  Since we both liked it, a hand massage might be something we can do for each other at home after tough days (seems easy enough, right?).

I initially thought I'd have issues being touched by someone else as I have a rather large personal bubble, but I understood what a professional massage entailed, and I felt safe there.  My modesty was always protected.  With The Man there too, it was better.  My need to relax was greater than my worry about being touched.

Before we went, The Man was skeptical that a whole hour of massaging would be boring or that he would want his headphones for music.  After we left, he changed his tune!

I am not sure our massages were worth $60 each, but we did feel better when we left, and we're considering going for massages in the future.  Maybe once or twice a year.  Maybe a different facility.  Maybe a shorter, focused massage after The Man runs his Spartan Race (I'll need one too, you know, moral support).

Have you ever had a massage?  What was your experience?  What other tools to you use to relax and unwind?


cm0978 said...

Well, it definitely wasn't a massage, but when I went to the acupuncturist, I could see where massages would be great. After the acupuncturist put the needles into my body from the neck down to the ankles (THAT was painful!) and put the cups with candles on my back, I laid there for about 20 minutes listening to their zen music. That part I liked! One of The Man's high school teachers also used to give massages. I've thought about it, but.... Who knows -- maybe I'll try one in the future. The Man does excellent neck/shoulder massages as you probably know!

Linda G said...

I had a body massage once. Like you I didn't like the feet and leg part. I had a hard time relaxing when they were doing that part. I do like the back and arm/hand part. Nowadays when I go on one of my husband's incentive trips I get a facial. these usually include a neck and shoulder massage which feels really nice.