Monday, April 07, 2014

Flowers, Flowers Everywhere

"You are such a girl!" my husband exclaimed.  He likes to tease me when I have my relatively unusual girly moments.  I am not into flowery things, but I do like a nice looking yard.  I planted fifty-five plants this weekend which will hopefully grow and be beautiful all summer.  If being girly every once in a while gets me some curb appeal, well, that'll do.

In two porch rail planters, I crammed twenty-two Tristar everbearing strawberry plants.  I only had five strawberry plants last year and about enough strawberries for one bowlful.  I won't have the same problems this year with slugs, berry thieves, and too few plants.  One thing I did a bit different than most people might: a smaller berry variety.  I don't like big strawberries.  They tend to be all white and fluffy in the middle instead of sweet and red.  I want one-biters.  Red-all-the-way-through berries.  Lots and lots of them.

In each of two round pots, my mom and I planted three geraniums, three alyssum, and three lobelia.  When everything blooms, I'll have bunches of red, white, and blue flowers.  These are on my front steps right now, but they might go up on the front porch later when they're all huge and beautiful.

We have this little no-man's-land out by the water shutoff, sprinkler box, and electrical boxes where I want to have pretty plants but nothing expensive in case some utility company has to rip it out later.  We can't let grass grow there because we can't mow, and the creeping plants I put in last year didn't creep much.  This year, I'm trying some penstemon, specifically the apple blossom variety.  The little plants don't have flowers yet, but the greenery looks really nice.  I really look forward to seeming them grow.

Along one edge of our fence, we have a drainage problem.  It gets very wet and stays wet most of the year.  The bleeding heart I planted last year popped back up a bit this year (not a whole lot though, which is worrisome).  I put in three more pacific bleeding hearts and three sword ferns.  These plants should suck up a bit more of the water back there and thrive in the mostly shady area.

Lastly, I completely gutted my fairy garden pot and replanted it with new creeping moss and clean pebbles.  It was a huge slimy mess after the snow melted in January.  Apparently succulents don't do well in freezing weather.  No more succulents for me.

With the exception of my potted plants and strawberries, I'm only putting in native plants.  Oregon has so many beautiful native plants that it gets tough choosing between them.  I still need to tear out six shrubs and replace them with native shrubs, but I haven't made any decisions yet.

What plants in your garden or yard do you love?  What plants are you wishing you could broil with a flamethrower (assuming no other damage would be caused by this)?  What do you wish you could grow but just can't seem to make thrive?

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