Thursday, May 28, 2015

I'm officially a housewife.

I can't sit here and write to you without acknowledging the six month gap between blog posts. Despite my love of writing, I have been unable to put thought to words for a long time. Life has thrown me several curve balls lately, all at work. Since I don't blog about my professional life, I can't go into many details. The short of it is that my wonderful manager left a year ago, and she was replaced by someone not up to the task in several ways. I struggled to make things work, then suffered through many months of bullying. Sitting down to write at the end of long, painful days wasn't even close to happening, and I haven't had much to say otherwise.

Two weeks ago, The Man and I reached our breaking point with my job. We sat down and adjusted our finances, paid my last student loan payment (hooray!), and realized we could live on his income alone. We both agreed that being on a strict budget and living within our means were better than having stress and health issues. I gave my notice, and I left the following week.

Last Monday, I began my new career: I am officially a housewife! The educated, feminist, girl-power part of me groaned when I wrote that. I never thought I'd see the day when I wasn't working. But my education definitely serves to make me a better housewife (cooking, gardening, cleaning are all sciences, among the many things I do). The feminist part of me delights in setting my own schedule and being my own boss--demanding as I am on myself.

My days as a childless housewife are busy, much more so than I expected. Here's a brief rundown of how a typical day goes:

0730: out of bed, make bed, kiss The Man goodbye, get ready for the day, make my breakfast
0800: eat breakfast, look for coupons online, check budget, read news
0845: start bread on dough cycle in bread machine, start laundry, vacuum around cat boxes
0900: clean region (one day I did all the windows inside and out, one day I focused on my desk--each day is a different space)
1030: bread dough to pans for second rising, break
1115: bake bread, play with cats
1200: lunch
1300: afternoon projects, appointments, laundry, start dinner prep, and generally one hour of free time
1730: The Man comes home, dinner shortly after
1830: clean up dinner, make The Man's lunch and oatmeal or smoothie for next day, check off completed items in planner and plan next day
1900: off the clock

As you can see, a normal day for me is twelve hours long, minus the hour for lunch and hour or so of free time in the afternoon. I feel it, too! I'm definitely moving more staying at home than I ever was sitting at a desk. I sleep better now, get out of bed much more willingly, and I love cooking again! The Man is thrilled with this new arrangement, and I enjoy being at home.

Well, except for today when I went to make a double batch of bread by hand (no bread maker, look at me!) and forgot to add the salt. I didn't realize this until the second rising, at which point it was too late to add it. Back to the kitchen this afternoon for me...

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Jules said...

Hooray for you! Staying at home takes work too. A lot.