Tuesday, July 14, 2015

I Can Haz... a Bidet?!

I'm just going to start by apologizing for this entire post. Sorry.

But now that you know things are about to get, erm, dirty, we can all put on our grownup pants and behave like adults. Right? Right? *sigh

The Man and I bought a bidet.

We've been looking at bidets for quite a while, and we only recently decided to purchase one. Our research into health benefits of bidets uncovered ways we could clean ourselves more efficiently and thoroughly over toilet paper alone. We learned that bidets can be helpful for people with hemorrhoids or those with tender tushies or for people who have trouble cleaning due to physical limitations. They're also good for women...

Furthermore, the environmental impact of toilet paper is staggering. One roll of toilet paper supposedly takes thirty-seven gallons of water to produce. The use of a bidet only takes one-eighth of a gallon. Even if these numbers are off a bit, it's still a huge benefit to use a bidet over toilet paper. (Plus, The Man and I use "fancy" toilet paper from Costco, so saving a few squares of that is good on our wallet. Yes, we could buy regular old Kirkland TP, but lint! and small luxuries and all that.)

There are many models, from the very fancy kind that take up as much space as another toilet and require extensive remodeling to accommodate, to the much less expensive and much easier to install version that we purchased. While cheaper models exist, as do much more elaborate models, we opted for a no-frills-but-still-self-cleaning option. Total cost including an extra t-valve was right around $50, or about one-tenth as much as a proper built-in bidet.

Installation was easy: a mere hour of my time and the use of one wrench coupled with a few awkward poses and backaches before I was finished. I could have done the job in about half the time, but I had a leak problem with one hose that was quite stubborn and required much more wrenching that I thought was necessary.

With the purchase and installation complete, the only remaining step was testing. And I was scared. What if it missed and shot someplace else? What if it was so cold that I jumped off and got water everywhere? What if it sprayed too hard and hurt me?

All of my fears were unfounded. The cold water was not cold at all, just cool and rather refreshing. The spray was spot-on and went exactly where it needed to go. I didn't jump off, and it certainly didn't hurt. The spray was very effective and did the job nicely. I only needed toilet paper to dry myself off afterward. (Note: the t-valve allows us to regulate the water pressure to the bidet specifically, and we have it turned about halfway down.)

I am not convinced that we need a bidet on every toilet in our house yet, but I'm also enjoying not having to use as much toilet paper. Loving it so far, but we need to do more testing to make sure.

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