Thursday, August 06, 2015

My Kitchen is a Deathtrap

Remember how we all learned that fat is evil and sugar gives us energy? Turns out that is completely backward. Sugar is horrible for us, and non-trans-fats keep us feeling full and moving all day. Our brains are actually made of fat and water, and sugar makes our brain run slower.

I did some investigating in my pantry this week to see where the hidden sugars are hiding.
We're not talking about the hidden bag of granulated sugar (although I did find one, yay!). We're talking about the grams upon grams of sugar inside food that I didn't know about. My fancy organic tomato sauce contains organic sugar. The spaghetti seasoning powder? Sugared. Peanut butter, crackers, and even some tea? You guessed it! More sugar.

Up top is an image of the items in my pantry that contain sugar. The vast majority of these contain sugar simply written as "sugar," but some also have the "-ose" sugars (dextrose, fructose, sucrose, glucose, etc.) or some variation of corn syrup. I also have a few packets of Truvia, just to round out the artificial sweeteners. Go ahead and click on the image to make it bigger. I'll wait.

Now here is an image of my pantry with all of the items that have no added sugar. It contains wheat flours, rice, pasta, and nuts. I have a few tins of tuna, some dried fruit and applesauce (remarkably without added sugar), and some baking ingredients like baking powder, vanilla extract, vinegar, and oil.

If I were to take out the carbohydrates, pretty much the only "safe" food left in my pantry is tuna, walnuts, and vanilla extract. Which probably won't make a very good lunch.

My kitchen is a deathtrap.

I need to go shopping...

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