Tuesday, August 25, 2015

The Wasp Invasion

The Man and I are living through a home invasion. Our master bathroom vents (not the heat vents, the suction vents) have a wasp nest somewhere between the vent cover hanging in the ceiling and the pipe sticking out the roof.

At first, we were only seeing one wasp per week just hanging out on the bathroom floor. I thought little of it, figuring that one had flown in through an open door. Annoying, but easily swatted. By August, they were steadily invading one or two per week, and they've been increasing to one per day. This last week, we had two in one day. No thank you! We called our pest company, and they were at our door within half an hour. The guy took a look at our vents, looked into the attic, looked around on the roof (from the ground), and decided to spray a bunch of wasp deterrent into the vents to hopefully push them out. He sealed the vents off for a few hours, and we were supposed to remove the covers the next morning, which we did.

Eight hours later, I walk into the bathroom only to find another wasp chilling on the floor. Seriously?! I have insecticide-resistant wasps invading my vents?!

I should mention that throughout this ordeal, every time The Man opened the door to the bathroom while I was in the bedroom, I just about lost it. I've never been stung by bees or wasps, so I don't know if I'm allergic, and I'm not really a fan of pain or itching, so I am not interested in taking chances. These suckers fly, so it's twice as bad as a spider in my opinion. Let's just say I've not been sleeping well lately, and I'm just not interested in sharing my house with winged drill bits from Hell.

I bought some screen fabric today and taped it to the ceiling on all four sides of the vent. Just for added measure, I stapled the mesh and tape all the way around as well. If the wasps are able to penetrate the screens, we don't need an exterminator, we need an exorcist.

Does anyone have any suggestions or stories about wasps invading homes? I'll try just about anything short of flamethrowers to get rid of them.

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