Sunday, September 27, 2015

The Crud That Fights Back

Wouldn't you know it: we both got sick the day after we got home from our camping trip. The Man was about twelve hours ahead of me, and he went down fast. I knew I'd get it too, so I got as many things done in my short window as possible. When it hit me, I was ready.

This time, The Crud was "only" a cold. I say "only" because it packed one hell of a wallop. I was always shivering, always fighting to get warm, and always grabbing for another tissue. Between the two of us, we dispatched three Costco-sized boxes of Kleenex in a week. We drank about twenty cups of hot tea in a few days too. I almost worried about us drinking too much tea, but most of our tea is decaf or herbal (lemon ginger for the win!), and the hydration was so much more important than worrying about overdosing.

The Man was back at work after just two days, because either his illness was mild compared to mine, or he's superhuman (we have differing opinions here). I struggled for five days to get off the couch. I was absolutely miserable for three, and the next two days were only a bit better. Thankfully, by Friday, I was able to get into town to get more food and cold meds.

I wouldn't wish "The Crud 2015" on anyone. It is just awful.

Wash your hands, people. Wash your hands.

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