Wednesday, October 14, 2015

My New Computer: From Laptop Back to Desktop

I've had my own computer since 2002. In that time, I've been through three computers in thirteen years, so I feel like I'm doing pretty good buying machines that last four to five years before becoming outdated.

My most recent computer was a laptop. We purchased it in 2011. At the time, we were living in an apartment with our desks facing each other. We needed the ability for one of us--me--to leave the room if the other one wanted to work. While the laptop certainly performed well in various rooms of our apartment or house, it had one significant flaw: gaming. The laptop would run hot while playing a movie on Netflix, which was fine. It would be scorching if I tried to play Minecraft for more than fifteen minutes. Not fine.

Over the years, and directly resulting from the fact that I'm married to a gamer, I've been playing more video games myself. I prefer computer games to console games, always have. My desire to keep up with him in a few games, like Minecraft, meant I had to rehome my laptop and fork over some dough on a new computer, this time a desktop. (The laptop is still here and works great in the living room so we can watch non-Netflix movies on the TV with an HDMI connection.)

I had The Man provide a spec sheet for what he thought I needed in a computer. Then I drew up a list of what I thought I wanted. He reviewed it and proclaimed, "but that's what I have!" I think it should be a testament to his good judgment that I agree with his choices, not a problem. He said something about "but you don't need that much RAM, you'll never use it," but I wasn't listening. We're equals, right? Equal computers too. Seems fair to me.

So I found a bunch of sales and free upgrades, kitted out my computer list, and ordered all of the bits and pieces online. They arrived a few weeks later, and I am now working on a whole new desktop! It feels weird to be using such a huge screen, but I love watching movies on it. Since our computers are, naturally, side-by-side in our office, The Man agreed to let me get headphones (just like his, of course) so that I can watch my shows without bothering him.

He still swears I overpurchased, but I won't have to upgrade for a long time, and he can just get two of whatever he buys for himself next time, right? I love new technology.

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