Saturday, November 07, 2015

Blog Year Retrospective #10

Happy Blogiversary to me! I've been writing this blog for ten years. It's a stunning number as I don't think I've done anything this long.

Here's what ten years worth of statistics look like:
Total posts: 2,025
Total (approved) comments: 2,295
Total visitors: over 1,470,000
Average visitors per day: 402

Ten years ago, I was in my senior year of college, single, barely making it as a young adult, and about six months from moving back home. Since then, I've been a bit more successful. I've lived in two apartments and bought a house. I've dated and married. I've adopted two cats. I've changed jobs three times, been on vacations, celebrated milestones, discovered more of my true self, and chronicled it here on the blog.