Monday, January 04, 2016

I will not Apologize for Being

With 2016 already four days spent, I've been whittling my time away getting my new planner set up and finding rhythms again after a long holiday season. Though I'm not usually one for resolutions or "this year I will" statements, I have decided that this year I will not apologize for being.

I apologize too much. I tell complete strangers that I am "sorry" for being in the same aisle at the same time looking at the same cereal for two seconds. "Sorry, I didn't mean to exist in this same place at the same time as you and potentially cause you a nanosecond delay in retrieving your Raisin Bran. Please act as if I am simply vapor and continue on with your shopping."

I apologize all the time for so many stupid, little, no-apology-necessary things. And I'm done with it. If I happen to be in the cereal aisle and I'm in your way, tough cookies. You can either wait patiently, or you can say "excuse me," and I'll quickly scoot over a bit. But I'm not sorry for existing there or then.

I am not going to apologize anymore for being. I am human. I am real. I take up space, no more than necessary, but no longer any less.

This is my affirmation for 2016, a statement to repeat to myself daily:

I will not apologize for being.


cm0978 said...

Yes, as though their needs are more important than yours in that cereal aisle! I hadn't thought about it until you wrote that, how often I too feel like I'm in someone else's way. It's a belittling of yourself and your equal importance in life.

AmieAuthor said...

Huh. Interesting thought. I think I do that, too. I will continue to be polite. But you have a point. I should save the "sorries" for when I've done something wrong :)

Linda G said...

After I read this, I came across several situations where I began to feel apologetic for just "being" and realized you are correct and stopped being apologetic. Yes, I can be polite but still i don't have to apologize when my cart is off to the side and I am getting a loaf of bread. Or taking my time at making cards and others are waiting for my spot.