About Jaggy

Still need more details about me?

This blog is titled "that forthright girl" for a reason: I say it like it is.  I always have.  Sometimes I write my ideas and opinions here.  If you have a sense of humor, enjoy wordplay, and want honest perspectives, welcome!

More about me?  I'm a 30-something product of the 1980s, public schools, and office politics.  I read often, write much, and don't get to play a piano nearly enough.  Oh, and my name isn't really "Jaggy."  I was sort of "obsessed" with a show called JAG in the late 90s and early 2000s, so that's what my friends started calling me.  It stuck, the show ended, and I'm still "Jaggy."

As you read my blog, you'll hear me rave and rant about The Man.  We've been best friends since 2007 and married since 2009.  Grandma always told me the perfect man for me would be the one who makes me the most happy and the most upset.  Check and double-check.  Married life has been full of surprises I never could have seen coming, but it's been a blast.  We are growing in our love--and our ability to communicate our differences effectively--on an hourly basis sometimes.

And I'm crafty!  I love creating things.  My crafting skills know no bounds, though I do not enjoy yarn for some reason.  I tend to stick to quilting, paper crafts, beading, and anything using fire, hot glue, or staples.  My family is crafty, so I grew up encouraged to create and explore.  I've dabbled in all manner of threads: cross-stitching, embroidery, needle tatting, sewing machine stitching, and even some hand stitching when the need arises.  While I can knit, crocheting is beyond me.  It's a cursed thing, yarn.

There are a million other things to learn about me, many of them already shared on my blog.  Take your coat off and stay a while... and ask a question or two while you're at it.  You can connect with me using the social media icons at the top of the blog or through comments on blog posts.  I do my best to respond to every question.


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Great bio! Nicely written! :]

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safoley96 said...

Enjoyed reading the bio.