For the longest time, faith was one subject entirely left off my blog.  My faith was private, secure, and silently whispered to God alone.  I didn't line up with any of the main denominations, but I was a more-or-less secular Protestant.  As I became friends with my husband way back when, he introduced me to his Catholic faith.  The world of Catholicism slowly (and sometimes painfully) opened up to me.  But the more I learned, the more my life made sense and came together.  In June, 2009, I was baptized and received into full communion with the Catholic Church in front of family and friends, most supportive, some not so pleased.

My faith is constantly growing and changing.  Each change brings about new revelations, not about external events, but about who I am and how I relate to myself and my community.  And that community part is why I have a "Faith" page on my blog.  One of the most important aspects of Catholic life is being part of a community--whether physically or electronically.

This page seeks to serve as a sort of community platform.  I've lived life on both sides of the Christian fence, and I highly respect both Protestant and Catholic viewpoints.  My hope is that people will be willing to share their lives with me here, whether it be a question, testimonial, favorite prayer, or simple thought. 

I'll post links and other faith information here from time to time as well.

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Madelyn said...

Madelyn - Your story sounds alot like mine, whenGod came into my life i found myself and where i amin life. I also found myself in less trouble and with more friends. So hope You stay strong in Your faith